14 Minutes 16 Seconds


Oh, there he is again… Huft, every time I went to the library, I can found him! That handsome man whose age maybe the same with me. We live in the same apartment, but we don’t know each other. Well…just like people A, people B, or people who live next door. I know their face, but I don’t know their name. I bet he thought the same thing as me. But…that handsome man always went to the library and read the same book at the same page all the time! Plus, he wore that long white sleeve again! How many clothes does he have?! Though he looks like L from Death Note with that long white sleeve T-shirt…

Gwaaah! I can’t concentrate because of him! Guess I have to do this work at the apartment… Should return this book first. Umm…if I’m not mistaken this book was in that self…behind that handsome man. Yes, behind that handsome man! Behind ‘long white sleeve man’! Oh, that is a good name for him. Long white sleeve man, haha. Ah, why did I think about his name?! I should return this book! AAAHH! What should I do?! What if I did something weird?! ……, wait a second… What’s wrong with me? He’s just people A or B—I mean long white sleeve man—So why did I became this panic just because of him?! …, I think I’ll borrow this book for now.

“Hm? It’s cloudy outside… And I don’t bring my umbrella. Great…”

And eventually it started raining not long after I left the library. A HEAVY RAIN!! So it’s time to look for a shelter before I got drenched! I would get the bus if I know this would happen! Oh, there is a shelter! Lucky~



Five minutes has passed since then. And the rain just wouldn’t stop I guess! Just then…

“Oh, excuse me…,” it’s the long white sleeve man! Of all the places, he choose to shelter here?! …oh, he got drenched…

“…..here. You can use my handkerchief. It’s better than nothing,” shyly I give him my handkerchief.

“…thanks!” he thank me while smiling to me. Wow! Miracle happened! Thanks rain…

“By the way…you live in the same apartment with me, right?” suddenly he asked me while trying to dry his hair.

“Y-yes…, why?”

“Well, actually I have my umbrella. But here…I  found you waiting for the rain to stop. And I just can’t let you waiting here…alone… So…,” he gave back my wet handkerchief and pull out an umbrella from his bag. “Shall we go home together?”

“D-do you really mean it? I mean…we don’t know each other…and—“

“It’s fine! Really! Come on!” he insist.

“Thank you very much…,”

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Papercraft Cancelled!!



I’m trying to make another Kaonashi Papercraft, but…. I CAN”T SEE THE LINES!!! :O I guess I can’t make this one…, sorry, guys… It supposed to be like this:


Btw you can download the papercraft here. Good luck! Use the pepakura viewer to open this file!

School Assignments :(



My English Teacher ask my class to make a biography comic, and my group make biography comic about MICHELLE OBAMA!!! I’m sorry…it’s…kind of fail…[newbie] [noob] Then, my computer teacher  ask my class to make a magazine with Adobe Indesign…

So so so so so so so  EXHAUSTED!!! Next week we are going to take an exam you know…why teachers? WHY?! All this assignment and test…….ARGGGH!! D:<





Hello, everyone~ I know you wouldn’t read this, it’s okay! Keep downloading papercraft and game from my blog ^_^

But I really want to show you this! This is my first book with my friends! It’s have 2 of my short stories! And I’m the editor, hahaha!

For now we only make 10 books, 6 books for us who make this book, and one for our teacher.

At first only 3 people who want buy them, but now…there are 6-7 people who order it!! YEAY~