Mekakucity Actors FanArt [COLORING ONLY]



Phew! Yeay! Finally~~ Woohoo~ I know and I’m sorry if my coloring is the same with the original, I’m still practicing here. I’ll try my best next time with my own style!

Thanks to :iconnightraytsukishiro: for the lineart!
and thanks to :iconsabre1010: who said my coloring is good~

btw don’t forget to visit my deviant art! :iconaikawamisaki:Give me a fav, watch, and llama! Thank you~

Nyanko Sensei Shimeji!!



Feeling lonely when playing computer?? NOT ANYMOREEEEEE!! I HAVE NYANKO SENSEI SHIMEJI NOW!!! He is moving around like crazy😀 Download Nyanko Sensei Shimeji from chibbyart.

Warning! He can multiplying :O So when you leave it for a moment…your screen is already full with NYANKO~❤

Update Otome Games~ <3


Starry-Sky-After-Spring Starry-Sky-in-Spring winteriamge_1388387811_article

Otome Games has been updated yesterday~ I know it’s only 4 games, but it’s better than nothing😀 For those who likes Starry Sky series, hurry up and download the game here! And don’t forget about Hakuoki!

Download all the games here~

Happy gaming~ :*